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Welcome to the Falkland Islands Government Environmental Planning Department website. This site provides information about our main work areas, which are to:

• deliver building control and spatial planning functions to the public and government departments;
• provide for the conservation and protection of historic sites and buildings;
• meet the Government’s international environmental commitments;
• co-ordinate the delivery, monitoring and review of the Biodiversity Strategy;
• provide statutory environmental functions;
• progress the Waste Management Action Plan and
• advance environmental good practice, including the sustainable use of natural resources.

Find out about public consultations via the contact details at the bottom of the page or on our Facebook Page – Falklands Environmental Planning

We service various committees (including the Planning and Building Committee, Environmental Committee and Historic Buildings Committees) and contribute to the work of other committees, including the Lands Committee and Minerals Committee. More information on committees (including terms of reference, agendas and minutes) can be found on the Gilbert House site

Although EPD is represented on the Lands Committee, the committee is administered by the Law & Regulation Department and applications should therefore be submitted accordingly. For more information please contact Law & Regulation on Tel: 00 500 28493

We work closely with the Department of Mineral Resources in relation to off-shore hydrocarbons (including reviewing Environmental Impact Statements and Waste Management Plans). Information on hydrocarbons can be found on the Department of Mineral Resources site. 

We work closely with the Department of Agriculture in relation to biosecurity and invasive species. More information can be found on the Department of Agriculture site.

Information about the key legislation that relates to our work can be obtained from Law and Regulation.