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 2015 Review of the Development Plan

The Development Plan was reviewed during 2013-2015 and the updated plan adopted in 2015. The key papers to Executive Council and evidence base which supported this review is available for download below.

Evidence Base: The plan is informed by a number of evidence base documents, which can be downloaded below.  

E1. Consultation Summary

pdf E1. Consultation Summary File Size 79.76 KB Download 1,174 Download

E1a. Consultation Summary Annex 1

E1b. Consultation Summary Annex 2

E2. Housing Land Availability Paper

E3. Employment Land Report

E4. Greenspace Summary

pdf E4. Greenspace Summary File Size 24.99 KB Download 750 Download

E4a. Greenspace Map

pdf E4a. Greenspace Map File Size 961.12 KB Download 675 Download

E5. Conservation Area Appraisal

E6. The Islands Plan 2014-18

E7. Towards an Infrastructure Delivery Plan

E8. Socio-Economic Study of Oil & Gas Development in the Falklands

E9. Economic Development Strategy

E10. Waterfront Masterplan

E11. Rural Development Strategy

E12. Biodiversity Strategy

E13. Waste Management Action Plan