There is one Health Visitor. The main focus of the role is to provide advice, child surveillance, immunisation programmes and a re- source to families with children under the age of five. The role is extensive with health promotion work and involvement in personal and social education programmes in the school. Close liaison with the schools, Social Services and Allied Health Professionals mean an active participation within the Primary HealthCare Team.

There is a District Nursing Sister supported by a team of nursing auxiliaries and Healthcare Support Workers who provide nursing care and support to patients in their own homes during the day. At present there is no 'twilight' service – this is currently provided by the ward staff.

Mental Health Services are led by two community psychiatric nurses, who are the only mental health practitioners in the islands. They pro- vide support for people with severe and enduring mental illness, as well as those with mild to moderate illness, and with problems of alcohol misuse. They also provide advice to the inpatient nursing team.