Ward nurses are expected to nurse patients across all specialties (with the exception of midwifery), including medical and surgical and those undergoing elective surgery undertaken by visiting specialists such as gynaecology, orthopaedics and ENT.

Ward occupancy levels average around 50% but this can change dramatically in the event of a specialist visit or major incident. Ward staffing levels are generally good and the standard of nursing care excellent. Patients are nursed in single-sex bays of 2 to 6 beds. ITU normally has two beds but has capacity for up to 4 ventilated patients. The isolation unit has one bed and there are a further 2 single occupancy rooms available.

Foreign fishermen and tourists present an additional challenge as nursing care has to take account of cultural differences and over come language barriers.

The Elderly Care Unit consists of 7 single rooms with en-suite facilities for people with long-term nursing care needs. Residents pay a contribution towards their accommodation of 50% of their state pension.

The nursing team is led by the Chief Nursing Officer.