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The Law and Regulation Directorate deliver a number of roles on behalf of the people of the Falkland Islands:

Our Role in Government Leadership

The Attorney General is constitutionally entitled to attend Executive Council and Legislative Assembly, and although not strictly a member of either body he can give advice to both during the course of their proceedings.

Our Role Supporting Government

The Attorney General as Corporate Director, and all departments within the Law and Regulation Directorate, work across Government to support their colleagues with projects and initiatives.

Our Role in Prosecutions

Prosecution decision-making falls exclusively to the Attorney General, who is constitutionally empowered to handle prosecutions on behalf of the Crown. He appoints a number of Government Legal Services staff as Crown Prosecutors, who operate in accordance with written general authority and are guided by the Falkland Islands Code for Crown Prosecutors, which is fully consistent with the International Code for Crown Prosecutors and very similar to the Code for Crown Prosecutors in England and Wales. Prosecutors also have the benefit of a number of specific guidance and the AGG Guides were developed as part of the work on the new Criminal Justice Legislation.

Our Role in Ensuring Free and Fair Elections

Registry Services manage the Falkland Islands referenda and elections. The Attorney General is constitutionally responsible for ensuring that no one participates in a meeting of the Legislative Assembly without lawful authority.

Our Role in Supporting the Legal Profession

Under the Administration of Justice Ordinance the Attorney General has responsibilities in relation of good conduct and fitness to practice in the Falkland Islands' legal profession. The section is still very small and the Government provides practical support to the Legal Community of the Falkland Islands – a group formed to encourage co-operation and improvement of services to the public. Government Legal Services endeavour to encourage people wishing to join the legal profession through a Paralegal post for University leavers wishing to gain experience before obtaining professional qualification, and posts within the Directorate Office where support is available for people wishing to develop their skills which could then lead to professional qualifications through the Institute of Legal Executives.

Our Role in Supporting the Aviation Community

The Civil Aviation Department is part of the Law and Regulation Directorate for administrative purposes and is answerable to the Governor as the aviation safety regulator for the Falkland Islands. Responsible for ensuring there is an effective standard of regulatory oversight of the civil aviaiton industry in place, the department endeavours to maintain open dialogue and cooperation between themselves, the civil aviation industry, the MoD and external regulators to ensure the continued safe operation of civil aviation activity within the Falkland Islands.

Our Current Focus

The principal focus of the Directorate is to provide a consistent and reliable service is all aspects of the Directorate's work, and 2014/15 saw a complete review of the Directorate's activities to ensure this consistency. During 2015/16 the Directorate aim is to capture 'Corporate Memory' encompassing the valuable work achieved in the past, being conducted in the present and what is planned for the future. This ensures that current and future staff have access to key information and precedents which will improve quality and consistency whilst avoiding duplication and other waste. Through these measures, and the day-to-day work and management of the Directorate strategic projects, all departments within the Law and Regulation Directorate can confidently support the Government's delivery of the Islands' Plan objectives.

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