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History - Past Attorney Generals

Prior to 1982 - The Falkland Islands had no resident Attorney General and the Falkland Islands Government's legal advice was provided by legal advisers at the Foreign and Commonwealth Office.
1982 - The post of Attorney General was created in the Islands in 1982 with the first Attorney General being Michael Charles Lloyd Gaiger appointed by Sir Rex Masterman Hunt.
1985 - The post of Attorney General was formalised by the Falkland Islands Constitution Order 1985.

Michael Gaiger completed his contract as Attorney General on 5 June 1987 and subsequent holders of the post of Attorney General were:

1987 - David Geoffrey Lang CMG CBE QC – 6 June 1987 to 31 October 2006
2006 - Melanie Louise Best Chilton – 1 November 2006 to 19 January 2007
2007 - Robert Mark Titterington – 26 February 2007 to 25 May 2007
           David Francis William Pickup CB – 31 August 2007 to 28 February 2011
2011 - Mark David Lewis – 28 March 2011 to 23 March 2014
2014 - The current Attorney General Charles Peter Judge MBE was appointed on 24 March 2014.

History of Government Legal Services

Government Legal Services were originally housed in offices in the east end ground floor of the Secretariat building.

In 1994, with staff numbers increasing to two lawyers and two support staff, more space was required and they were relocated to Cable Cottage.

Over subsequent years the number of staff has continued to increase until in 2011, with five lawyers and three support staff, Government Legal Services moved again to their current location at the Old Print Shop behind The Secretariat, accompanied by Civil Aviation Department and Regulatory Services (another service under the Law and Regulation Directorate).

History of Civil Aviation & Regulatory Services

Historically, the Civil Aviation Department (CAD) was based at Stanley Airport. In 2006 the department separated its regulatory function from service provision functions, retaining just 3 members of staff – Director of Civil Aviaton (DCA), Assistant DCA and a Technical Assistant.

In 2010, following the Review of the Falkland Islands Government, the Civil Aviation Department took on the additional role of regulating telecommunications, and became part of the Law & Regulation Directorate.

History of Registry

The first official registrar was Arthur Bailey; however he was employed as the Surveyor General and as part of his job he also was the registrar of land, births, deaths and marriages. He started work in the Falkland Islands in 1848 and he first signed the birth register in 1851. The post of Surveyor General was not abolished until 1873 and Arthur Bailey's job title then became Registrar General, Coroner and Receiver of Wrecks in 1874.

There have been a number of buildings where the Secretariat is now situated. The first building, known as the Offices, was erected between 1848 and 1855 and served principally as a Magistrate's Office and Courthouse but also housed the offices of the Government Surveyor, Arthur Bailey.

The Registry is now situated in the Town Hall and is responsible for all birth, death and marriage registrations, land registrations and patent registrations and renewals. The Town Hall was accidentally destroyed by fire in 1944, and was re-opened on Empire Day 20 May 1950. Due to this, many of the older record books kept in the Registry are badly damaged and fragile.

The Registrar General is also the Registrar of Companies meaning she is fully responsible for all company registrations, and subsequent filing of company documentation in the Falkland Islands, as well as being the Registration Officer for the purposes of maintaining the electoral register and being the logistical organiser for events such as the general election, by- elections and referendums.

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