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Our Organisation is...

made up of three services. These services are significant to the achievement of the Government's ambitions. Through the Registry we provide a vital service to the community and local companies, co-operatives and charities. We ensure elections are fair and the will of people can be freely expressed. In Regulation we ensure the people of the Falkland Islands are protected by regulating Civil Aviation, with an expanding remit into monopoly regulation. In Legal Services we support Government to turn policy into legislation, we direct and conduct public prosecutions acting for the Government in all legal proceedings.
We also support development and delivery of Government initiatives by being a sound source of legal advice.

Recognising the variety of all these roles, and the need to achieve best value for the people of the Falkland Islands, it is important that we operate as a single unit. Our central administrative team facilitate this efficiency and joint working as well as delivering vital services as official publisher of the Falkland Islands Gazette and support to government land administration and public notarial services. The administration team together with management structures and the high standards of professionalism and teamwork we all share with help us achieve this.

Our Mission...

is to serve the people of the Falkland Islands by:

  • being trusted advisors to His Excellency the Governor and colleagues in Falkland Islands Government to support the achievement of objectives set by Members of the Legislative Assembly in the Islands Plan;
  • supporting policy objectives by drafting legislation which gives effect to those policy objectives in conformity with the Constitution and international obligations;
  • prosecuting crime and bringing actions on behalf of the Crown robustly and impartially - bringing offenders to justice, supporting the reduction of crime and promoting public confidence in the rule of law;
  • promoting good governance and decision making by the Falkland Islands Government;
  • maintaining national and international confidence in electoral and registry practices;
  • ensuring aviation safety and fair and effective regulation of monopolies and unduly dominant business to avoid abuse of that position to the detriment of the people of the Falkland Islands.

Our Vision...

is to be the best governmental Legal, Registry and Regulation service in any British Overseas Territory, given our size and available resources and to be
recognised as such by ourselves, the people of the Falkland Islands and international spectators.

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