Persons appointed as a Notary Public and/or Commissioner for Oaths can provide the following services in the Falkland Islands:

Commissioner for Oaths

If you have a document that requires executing (signing) on Oath/Affirmation (e.g an affidavit), then an appointment with a Commissioner for Oaths will be required (which can be booked either with the Law and Regulation Directorate, the Court or one of the local legal practitioners). The process is simple; once you have made your appointment, you will need to take your document, along with the relevant fee (which can be seen on our 'Fees' page), to the appointment where you will either swear (on the bible or other religious document) or affirm (give your word) before the Commissioner for Oaths and sign the document. The document will then be executed by the Commissioner and returned to you.

Notary Public

There are a number of different situations where you may require a Notary Public to witness an act:

Signature - if you have a document that requires execution (signing) in front of a Notary Public (e.g a Power of Attorney or child's travel authorisation) then an appointment will be required, which can be arranged by either contacting the Law and Regulation Directorate, the Court or one of the local legal practitioners.

We request that you bring:

  • The number of copies of the document you require signing plus an additional copy for our office records;
  • Your passport (or other photographic identification such as a driver's licence) and;
  • The relevant fee.

We also ask that a copy of your document is provided to us before the appointment so a notarial certificate can be prepared.

Child(ren) travel authorisation – it is a common belief that the Law and Regulation Directorate provide a form or service for drafting such a document. This is not correct – it is the parent's responsibility to draft the authorisation for their child to travel overseas with the other parent and/or responsible adult. If you are not sure what information to provide in your authorisation, the following can be used as a guide:

- Full name and passport number of the parent(s) providing the authorisation

- Full name and passport number of the child(ren)

- Full name and passport number of the parent/responsible adult travelling with the child(ren)

- Where they are travelling from and to and dates if appropriate

- Whether you permit the other parent/responsible adult to authorise medical treatment if such circumstances arise

Documents to be certified as a true copy – if you require an original document to be certified as a true copy then this can be arranged through one of the same channels as mentioned above. The document will be photocopied in front of the Notary Public and a certificate produced validating the act which the Notary Public executes.


An apostille provides further authentication to a document which has been executed by a Notary Public. The apostille is signed by the Governor/Acting Governor and should be arranged through the Law and Regulation Directorate, not directly with Government House.

The apostille is only included on a document upon the customer's request. However, if the document is a legal document required for South America (including child(ren) travel authorisations), it is recommended that the apostille be included due to a request received from the British Embassy in Santiago. However, this is advice only and the parent's make the final decision as there is a cost implication.

Please note: legal advice on the documents being signed before the Commissioner for Oaths or the Notary Public is not provided by our department, anyone requiring such advice should approach a private legal practitioner for assistance.