No 04/2020

East Falkland

Stanley Harbour

Tender Operations

The following instructions are given concerning cruise ship tender operations onto the pontoons located at the Public Jetty:

  1. That the free floating finger pontoons be utilised for yacht dinghies or Zodiac style tender boats only. In the case of the latter, only two Zodiac style boats should moor to the floating pontoon at any time.
  2. That the larger tender boats from cruise ships utilise only the main piled pontoon.
  3. That shore parties work with the Harbour Masters office to adjust moorings and manoeuvres to suit the prevailing conditions. This may include periods when tender activities are suspended until weather conditions improve.
  4. That all vessels provide sufficient shore party crew with suitable PPE to place mooring lines and assist in the safe berthing/unberthing of tender boats.
  5. That passenger and non-essential staff movements on any pontoon be prohibited whilst a tender boat is berthing/unberthing.
  6. That passenger movement to and from tender boats should be limited to one boat at a time.

Exceptionally by permission of the Harbour Master on the free floating pontoon and in addition to points 3-6 above:


  1. Only one boat alongside at any time.
  2. Additional moorings to hold boat alongside.
  3. Engines at neutral/zero power when alongside.
  4. Not to be used when the wind is >20kts with any N’ly component.

This Notice shall remain in force until further notice.

Captain C Locke,

Harbour Master,

Falkland Islands Government.

Issued on 04/02/2020

LNtM 04/2020
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