Winter Fuel Allowance

A Winter Fuel Allowance is payable on application in respect of households accommodating retirement pensioners and persons in receipt of level B or C Attendance allowance during the period from June – September annually.

The payment of the full allowance will be made provided the total household income from all sources for the previous year does not exceed £17,925.00. For those whose annual income is between £17,419.00 - £17,925.00 the allowance will be reduced depending on income. If annual income is in excesses of £17,925.00 the household will not be eligible for the winter fuel allowance.

The application form includes a declaration section authorising the Pensions Office to contact the Taxation Office to confirm the income received.

For those individuals who do not reside in sheltered accommodation the maximum annual allowance is £521.00. This allowance can be paid:

  • Either as a lump sum after the 30th September


  • By four monthly instalments paid at the beginning of each qualifying month.

For those who reside in Falkland Islands Government sheltered accommodation the maximum allowance which can be claimed is the total heating charge for the relevant property from June – September. This allowance can be paid:

  • By four monthly instalments refunded to the claimants SCB account at the beginning of each qualifying month


  • Or credited directly to the FIG heating invoice raised for the relevant property

Please note that the allowance will not be paid for any period retirement pensioners are not accommodated in the household during 1 June to 30 September. In instances of partial residence the allowance will be paid pro-rata.

Application forms are available from the Treasury.

Please return all signed applications to the Pensions Office, Treasury.