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The Policy & Economic Development Unit aims to contribute to sustainable economic growth for the Falkland Islands and to play a major role in facilitating economic development to meet the Islands' broader socio-economic objectives as set out in the Islands Plan and the Economic Development Strategy.

The Falkland Islands has a hierarchy of interlinked development policy and strategies that provide a strong and effective framework for all aspects of development on the Islands. These documents are updated and revised regularly to take account of progress with various projects, new events and opportunities, and evolving economic conditions.

The Falkland Islands' policy framework, which cascades down as a hierarchy from overall goals to specific annual plans and targets, is illustrated in the diagram below.

islands plan dia


To explore Economic Development in more depth, please choose an industry from the drop-down list on the menu bar at the top of the page, or click on one of the links below:

     - Agricultural and Rural Development

     - Fisheries

     - Oil and Gas

     - Tourism

       - Labour Force

     - Cross-Cutting Issues

For a copy of the Falkland Islands Economic Development Strategy, please visit our Downloads Page.