• Renewable Energy in the Falkland Islands
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The Falkland Islands Government is committed to protecting and managing the Islands' environment and wildlife.

In order to acheive this, and support the wider goals of the Island Plan, the role of the Environmental Officer encompasses the following activities:

  • Providing individuals and organisations with required permits and licences for shooting, egging etc.
  • Managing and providing access to Kidney Island and FIG owned Islands, by proving visitor permits and creating a long-term management plan
  • Supporting people in the Falkland Islands conduct activities and research which benefit and enhance our environment, through the annual Environmental Studies Budget provided by FIG.
  • Improving and developing tools for waste management in the Islands
  • Managing all areas of Stanley Common, through development of Stanley Common Management Plan, and wider work to ensure access is controlled

For more information contact:

Denise Blake, Environmental Officer & Environment Policy Advisor 

Phone:+500 28427

Email: environmental.officer@sec.gov.fk