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The Falkland Islands Government and KTV Ltd have signed a contract for a new FM radio network to enable the broadcasting of three radio channels throughout the Islands.

The aim is to provide equity of services and FM coverage Island wide and to deliver an improved service with high quality reception.

Implementation of the new FM network will be split into three phases. Phase one will see the procurement of materials and installation of two transmitter sites on West Falkland. Phase two will be the installation of transmitters in Stanley with UHF telemetry and control equipment on remote sites and at the FIRS studio.

Phase three will include the installation of the remainder of transmitters to fill gaps in coverage on East and West Falklands.

Following recent consultation the Island wide multi channel FM transmitter network will provide three channels across the Islands including; FIRS, BFBS Falklands and BFBS Radio 2 with BBC World Service to be broadcast when FIRS is off air.

It is hoped that the whole network will be completed by 1st June 2014, but it is anticipated that some areas may go live prior to that.

The predicted coverage is shown in the diagram below.



















 Medium Wave Radio Service

As reported previously, the Medium Wave Radio Service anntenna on Mt William has recently been repaired following storm damage earlier in the year, however listeners may still be experiencing reception problems in some areas. KTV have advised that engineers are still working on the adjustments and fine tuning of the transmitter, since it was inactive for some months, and it is hoped this adjustment work will be completed as soon as possible. The Falkland Islands Government and KTV apologise for any inconvenience and reception problems still being experienced and would like to thank listeners for their patience during this time.

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