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MW Radio

The Falkland Islands Government is pleased to advise that, following storm damage earlier in the year, the Medium Wave radio service transmitted from Mount William has been repaired and is now back on air on 530MW, broadcasting the Falkland Islands Radio Service (FIRS) and the BBC World Service when FIRS is not on air. However, BFBS have advised that their Radio 2 channel previously transmitted on 550MW from the BFBS Bush Rincon site will no longer be available as the equipment is beyond economic repair.

FM Radio

The channels now being broadcast island-wide on the new FM radio service can be accessed on the frequencies shown below:




 The following map show shows the principle FM transmitter locations and the estimated area of coverage from each one:


It is appreciated that a number of areas are still experiencing difficulty receiving some or all of the new FM channels. An assessment of reception around the islands has recently been carried out and a report has been prepared for FIG outlining the various difficulties and problem areas. The options for resolving these issues will be considered by Executive Council in November and it is hoped that proposed solutions can be implemented in the near future.