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Current live tenders

Tender NumberTender NameDepartment Tender Advertised Date Closing Date Contact Person Contact Email Address Telephone Number 
    +500 28430
    +500 28430
 T-847 Stanley Airport Runway Grounds Maintenance... FIGAS 10 November 2020 4 December 2020 Lynn Brownlee  +500 28430  
 T-859  Provision of Boiler Services PWD Municipal 30 October 2020 25 November 2020 Stefanie Seff  +500 28430  
 T-855 Supply & Install HV Switchgear for FIG Power Station PWD Projects 2 October 2020 27 November 2020 Stefanie Seff  +500 28430  
 T-860 Provision of Electrical Services PWD Municipal 20 November 2020 11 December 2020 Stefanie Seff  +500 28430  
    +500 28430  
    +500 28430  
    +500 28430  


"Procurement" is the process of acquiring goods, services, or works from an external source, often via a tendering or competitive bidding process.  This process spans the whole life cycle from initial concept and definition of business needs through to the end of the useful life of an asset or end of a services contract.

Good procurement is important to meet business needs whilst ensuring projects are delivered within agreed cost, quality and schedule parameters and with a transparent audit trail.

In all its procurement activities the Falkland Islands Government (FIG) aims to uphold the core principles of openness; equality; non-discrimination; and transparency

The Falkland Islands Government spends a significant part of its annual budget on externally purchased goods, services and works, ranging from stationery, furnishings, plant & vehicles, maintenance contracts; to more specialised service provision, for example, management consultancy; and finally to large capital projects such as roads and other important infrastructure.

The provision of these goods and services play a vital part in supporting FIG to meet its business objectives. It is important that we obtain best value for money from these purchases.

Our procurement should:

  • Be based on genuine and fair competition
  • Withstand scrutiny by internal and external auditors and examiners
  • Encourage an innovative market response
  • Deliver a solution that meets our requirement
  • Protect FIG through suitable contracting approach and standard terms and conditions

All FIG tendering activity is governed by the FIG Financial Instructions and any tenders estimated to be over £50,000 in value are handled through the central procurement office in the Development and Commercial Services Directorate.

For further details please contact:  Lynn Brownlee, Projects & Contracts Officer, Development & Comercial Services, Secretariat, Stanley, Falkland Islands Tel: +500 28430, E-mail:


FIG Central Procurement Service

Results of Government tenders May to end of August 2020

Tender NameDepartmentCompany Awarded toValue of Contract
 New Port Facility (Design & Construction)  DCS  BAM Nuttal Ltd  £3,688,060 Stage 1a only
 Review of Ferry & Coastal Shipping Service  DCS  Workboat Services Ltd  £12,500 Part B only
 Provision of Marine Mammal Observers  Natural Resources (Fisheries)  MRAG Ltd

 £1,552,256 (3-year contract)

 Haulage of Capping & Asphalt Materials - MPA Road  PWD Highways  P J McKay & Son  £231,727.30 (3-year contract)
 Purchase of Road Widener for PWD  PWD P&V Section  Wilkinson & Gaviller  £75,740
 Materials for FIPASS Collision Damage Repairs PWD Contracts Section Wilkinson & Gaviller  £46,654
 Stanley Swimming Pool - Supply & Apply Tiles  DCS  Guncast Swimming Pools Ltd  £443,544
 Supply of 3 Trucks for PWD  PWD P&V Section

 FIC Ltd -  4x4 Flatbed Truck

 FIC Ltd - 18T Insulated Tipper

 Leyland Exports - 32T Insulated Tipper




 Leisure Centre Grounds Maintenance  DCS Leisure Centre  Stanley Growers Ltd  £40,725 (3- year contract) 


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