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Upcoming Tenders

Please be advised that the documents for these tenders are not available while advertised on this page. Only tenders on the Current Tenders web pages' will have documents available for issue.


Tender NameDepartment Estimated Tender Advertising DateEstimated Tender Award Date Contact Person Contact Person Email address Telephone Number 
 1 JMA flats 6,7 and 8  PWD  TBA  TBA
 10 Ross Road  PWD  TBA  TBA
 Water Chemical Store Roof and Cladding  PWD  TBA  TBA
 Procurement of Incinerator  PWD  TBA  TBA
Investment Managment  Treasury  January 2021  March 2021
Stanley Airport Terminal Improvements  DCS  TBA  TBA      


To visit Current Live Tenders please follow this link: Live Tenders

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To visit tender results please view the following link: Tender Results