Civil Partnership

Registrar General's 3 Months Licence


The majoirty of civil partnerships are conducted under the authority of the Registrar General's 3 months Licence.

A civil partnership under this authority may be registered by a Registrar, the Registrar General or anybody, previously approved by the Registrar General, in the presence of the Registrar General.

What is the process?

To be registered under the authority of the Registrar General's 3 months licence, a party to the civil partnership will need to complete a Form 1CP and Form 1A and submit them to the Registry Office in the Town Hall, Stanley, Falkland Islands.

There is a fee for this.

Once the Form 1CP is submitted to the office of the Registrar General it will be displayed for a period of 21 days and thereafter, if there have been no caveats entered or no one who has authority has forbidden it, the Registrar General shall issue a Licence.  The Licence is valid for 3 months from the date the Notice is entered into the Civil Partnership Notice Book (which will be the date it is submitted to the office).


  1. Notice of Civil Partnership - £60.00
  2. Grant of Registrar General’s Licence - £60.00
  3. Registration of a civil partnership by a Registrar - £30.50
  4. Any absence exceeding one hour by a Registrar from the Registrar’s usual address for either of the purposes mentioned in 3  above - £101.50

Form 1CP - Notice of Intended Civil Partnership
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