Annual Canvass

Section 10 of the Electoral Ordinance 1988 states:

(1) The Registration Officer shall conduct an annual canvass for the purpose of ascertaining the persons who are for the time being entitled to be, or to remain, registered as electors in relation to a constituency.

(2) The canvass for any year shall be conducted by reference to residence on the 15th March in that year.

(3) The form to be used for the purposes of a canvass shall be either a form prescribed for those purposes or a form to the same effect.

(4) In connection with a canvass the Registration Officer may, for the purpose of-

     (a)     supplementing the information obtained by the use of any such form, or

     (b)     where any such form has not been returned, obtaining any information designed to be obtained by the use of the form.

make such further enquiries as he thinks fit.

(5) On the conclusion of a canvass a Registration Officer shall make such alterations in his registers as fall to be made in accordance with section 11 as a result of the canvass.

(6) In this section "residence" means residence for the purposes of section 8.

This page will be updated before the Canvass with essential informaiton for the public.