Remember to return your Electoral Form V by Thursday 15th April 2021


Electoral Form V “Request for Information from Householder” is available to download from this website between 15th May and 15th April 2021.

You will eligible to apply to be on the electoral register if you are:

(a) eighteen years (on or before 15th March 2021); and

(b) either:

 (i) a citizen who has Falkland Islands Status or

 (ii) a person whose name appeared on the register of electors for the Camp or Stanley constituency on 1st  January 2009

For further information/clarification on ‘citizen’ and ‘Falkland Island Status’ see notes 1 and 2 on page 3 of Electoral Form V - Notes to Electoral Form V when available to download.

An example of a completed Electoral Form V is available to view as an aid to completing your own household’s form from 15th March 2021.

Note: The person completing your Electoral Form V, if eligible to be included on the electoral register, must include their own details in section 3 (or 4 if completing from outside the Falkland Islands) of the form.

See notice above for contact details for questions and further assistance if required.


Electoral Form V (2021)
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Example of a completed Electoral Form V
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