How to apply to vote by Proxy


To apply to vote by Proxy, please complete and return the below form. You will also need the person you are nominating as your Proxy to complete and return with your application, a Consent to Act as Proxy.  

The deadline to apply to vote by Proxy for the Referendum is midday Thursday 12th March 2020

pdf.png Proxy Vote - Form of Application 1 NEW
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pdf.png Consent to Act as a Proxy 1 NEW
Date 2020-02-07 09:12:09 File Size 2.96 MB Download 10 Download


Please return completed applications to:

Fax -(+500) 27270

Email -

Address: Attn. Registration Officer, Registry Office, Town Hall, Ross Road, Stanley, Falkland Islands, FIQQ 1ZZ

If you have any queries about your application, please contact the Registration Officer on:

Email -

'phone -(+500) 27271