Renewal of Registration of Patents

Relevant legislation is the Registration of United Kingdom Patents Ordinance 1930 (“The Ordinance”).

Renewal Process

Section 7 of the Ordinance states:

‘All renewals of letters patent in the United Kingdom of a patent registered under this Ordinance shall be notified to the Registrar General, who shall, on sufficient evidence thereof and on payment of a fee ... enter the same in the Register in the prescribed manner.’

In order to renew a patent registered in the Falkland Islands a copy of the IPsum report from the Intellectual Property Office must be sent to the Registrar General (via post or email) evidencing that the patent has been renewed in the United Kingdom. Once registered in the Falkland Islands, the renewal will commence from the date of renewal in the United Kingdom.

The fee due may be paid by telegraphic transfer or cheque.