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The Falkland Islands Government is interested in consumer protection generally and is considering options to regulate other industries which may have issues concerning; market power, market dominance or anti-competitive conduct by individuals and companies, whether they are perceived or real which may have an effect on pricing and/ or service delivery.

Regulatory Services will seek, in a determined, competent, inclusive and sustainable manner, to provide highly satisfying outcomes to our stakeholders and pursue international best practice in the regulation of industries in the Falkland Islands.

 Our determination will be demonstrated by:

  • Setting clear and achievable objectives; aimed at the promotion of the visions of FIG (through supporting the relevant aspirations of The Islands Plan) and Regulatory Services (through Regulatory Policy);
  • Striving to exceed stakeholder expectations;
  • Providing support to staff to resist unreasonable pressure on regulatory decisions;
  • Recognising success and achievement within the Regulatory Services team;
  • Training all of our employees on the needs and responsibilities of Quality Management.

We will demonstrate our competence by:

  • Operating in a professional manner in delivering the objectives of the service;
  • Responding promptly and accurately to enquiries;
  • Encouraging staff to understand the implications of their actions and the regulatory decisions they take;
  • Fostering continuous improvement and development in a learning environment;
  • Developing the capability of management and staff to meet the requirements of the industries they regulate;
  • Investing in staff, including providing access to formal training, with a view to succession and bench planning.

Inclusivity will be promoted through:

  • Effective communication, internally and externally;
  • The development & enhancement of local capability in the Falkland Islands;
  • Enabling processes which foster consultation on policy and procedures at all levels.

Sustainability will be sought by ensuring:

  • The long-term consequences of any actions/recommendations have been given due consideration, are consulted on and processes documented;
  • Thorough analysis of local issues and setting of realistic timescales for actions/ recommendations, and that all proposals/ solutions are practical;
  • Adopting decision making practices which will ensure quality is considered on an ongoing basis for the future;
  • Developing quality solutions, with perceived value and reliability in the services it provides.