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Our swim school is taught by qualified STA teachers and each class takes up to a maximum of 8 pupils.

Why Learn to Swim?

Drowning can happen anywhere, in the pool, pond or river. This is why it is important that you learn to swim properly and know how to act safely in and around water. STA is a founder member of the International Federation of Swimming Teachers Association (IFSTA) whose members throughout the world teach swimming to exacting, high standards.

How to sign up?

For an initial discussion contact Cody Betts-Mckay on 27285

Enrolment forms are available from the Stanley Leisure Centre reception or by emailing cbetts-mckay.leisure@sec.gov.fk


Opening Hours

Monday 6am to 9pm

Tuesday 6am to 9pm

Wednesday 12noon to 9pm

Thursday 6am to 9pm

Friday 6am to 8pm

Saturday 8am to 6pm

Sunday 8am to 8pm