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Stanley Leisure Centre Dry side (Squash Court, Sports Hall and General Access) Admissions Policy

Stanley Leisure Centre Admission Policy aims to safeguard all users when accessing the Leisure Centre, this document should be read in conjunction with the Wet side admission policy and the CIMSPA guidance for parents.

It is the intention of the Leisure Centre that Children and Young People are safeguarded while accessing the facilities and the enjoyment of all users is maintained. The Leisure Centre does not offer or imply a child supervision service other than those during advertised supervised sessions, the only exception to this are as advertised within the swimming pool admission policy which is always supervised by a qualified lifeguard and at which point users are expected to adhere to advertised rules.

When deciding on supervision ratios to children the Leisure Centre subscribes to the recommendations promoted by the NSPCC through their Child Protection in Sport Unit. Details of which can be found at www.thecpsu.org.uk

Recommended Child Supervision Ratios to Adults are as follows:

Child or Young Persons                  School Year Group                    Age Number of Adults      Number of Children
                    0-2                                  Pre-school                                             1                                         3
                    2-3                                  Pre-school, FS1                                     1                                        4
                    4-8                                  FS2,Yr1,Yr2,Yr3,Yr4                              1                                        6
                    9-12                                Yr5, Yr6, Yr7, Yr8                                  1                                         8
                    13-18                              Yr9, Yr10, Yr11 Post 16 Education        1                                       10

Whatever the recommended ratio of adults to participants is, a minimum of two adults should be present. This ensures at least basic cover in the event of something impacting on the availability of one of the adults during the activity (eg in the event of one participant requiring the attention of an adult during the activity following an accident).

Supervision ratios apply to any child or young person accessing the Leisure Centre whether participating in or spectating any sporting activity.

Child / Young People Court Casual Bookings
The Leisure Centre actively encourages participation in sport. Any children under the age of 8 must be supervised by an adult whenever accessing the facilities as per the Supervision Ratios listed above.

Children and Young People aged 9-12 years and over may access the Leisure Centre where a booking for court space has been made, at which point the Leisure Centre will assume responsibility only for servicing the booking and only when names and contact numbers of all participating children are recorded at reception. The Leisure Centre will not provide direct group supervision, if required this must be provided by a parent or guardian. The total numbers of children must not exceed those recommended above. For example a booked session of 9-12 year olds cannot exceed 8 children without an additional adult being provided.

On the advice of the Hockey Club, no children or young people can hire the hall on a casual basis for Hockey without an adult present, and without all appropriate safety equipment being worn.   The centre reserves the right to prevent access until a competent adult has arrived.

Unsupervised Children / Young People
Children attending a supervised class or supervised hired session must attend no earlier than 15 minutes before the scheduled session and be collected no later than 15 minutes after a session is completed. There will be no access to the facilities to unsupervised Children or Young People not attending a supervised session, booking or fitness room session (15+) unless accompanied by the appropriate number of adults as stipulated above.

Children / Young People attending organised group run activities
Any hirer of the facilities is expected to adhere to the minimum supervision levels as stated previously. It is the groups responsibility to ensure children and young people safely leave the premises at the end of their sessions. Where conduct and behaviour requires it, the hirer must provide supervision by a competent person to any circulation areas as appropriate. Behaviour of any participants associated with the hirers activities remains solely the responsibility of the hirer.

Additional Statement on the use of circulation areas
Corridors and foyers do not constitute a bookable area and as such are used by all users accessing various parts of the premises. They also form an essential exit route in the event of an emergency situation for example fire. As such the storage of equipment and the use of these areas as changing areas are strictly prohibited. Changing rooms are provided.

There is to be no playing of any ball or puck games or skating in any area other than those hired.

Any damage caused by inappropriate behaviour will be charged to the hirer in the first instance who may seek to recoup these costs from the individuals involved.

The Leisure Centre team will not assume responsibility for any group but are responsible for ensuring groups are using the facilities in a safe manner. The Leisure Centre reserves the right to stop any activity or limit access to any area when conduct or behaviour falls below the required standard.

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