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Sometimes life doesn't always go to plan. Sometimes things happen that mean we need a bit extra help and support to get our lives and those of our family back on track.

That is where Early Help Services can help. We work with children, young people, their families and young adults for a multitude of different reasons and because of a variety of different situations, but they all have the same connection; they need a little help and support.

Our service is there to stop Social services becoming involved and to stop the problems becoming a crisis.

Whatever the problem is, someone can help to make it better, all you have to do is ask.

Early Help is about offering advice, support and direct interventions at the earliest point of identified need.

The aims of Early Help are;

  • Support families to support themselves,
  • Prevent problems escalating
  • Reduce the need for social services interventions

Let us help you to resolve your difficulties.

Our service is about trust, honesty and a partnership that works!

All information will be kept confidential unless there is a risk of significant harm.

5 Important Facts

  1. Early Help is VOLUNTARY

  2. Early Help is SUPPORT for you and your family

  3. Your views are the most important, we will LISTEN

  4. We will not JUDGE you

  5. We are here to HELP

For help, advice and support, please contact:

Sarah Dalton
Early Help

Phone: +500 52281
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.