Falkland Islands Safeguarding Children Board (FISCB)

Falkland Islands Safeguarding Children Board is a statutory body under Section 82 of the Children Ordinance 2014.

Roles and responsibilities

The FISCB is responsible for ensuring that the Falkland Islands Government and other relevant organisations are carrying out their duties in relation to the safeguarding of children and the promotion of their welfare. Its functions include developing policies concerning intervention, training, recruitment, safety, investigation and communication, review of serious cases and child deaths and monitoring performance by agencies so that improvements may be made.

Duty to provide information to the FISCB

A public officer or statutory body may be asked for information in order to assist the Board in carrying out its functions and must comply. This will only be in relation to persons or bodies likely to be in possession of relevant information to safeguarding or welfare of a child, or children in general.

Serious Case Reviews

Criteria for a Serious Case Review

A Serious Case Review (SCR) must take place if abuse of a child is known or suspected and a) the child has died or b) the child has been seriously harmed and there is concern as to the way in which relevant statutory agencies have worked together to safeguard the child. The final decision as whether there should be a SCR lies with the FISCB Chair. The FISCB should also consider reviewing other suitable cases including examples of good practice and decide how this information can be shared and embedded.

Purpose of a SCR

The purpose of a SCR is to learn lessons for future improvement and to make recommendations to the Falkland Islands Government.

Use of external expertise

In some case it may be apparent that the FISCB lacks relevant expertise to decide

  1. whether a SCR should take place,
  2. who the reviewers should be and
  3. When considering publication of reports,

in which case expert advice should be sought from suitably qualified persons.

Reporting Child Deaths

Role of the FISCB

The FISCB has a responsibility for collecting and analysing information about every death of a child, whether or not there are any child protection concerns surrounding it. The reason for this is to identify those cases which would be suitable for a Serious Case Review, but also to identify any wider public health or safety concerns arising from a particular death or a pattern of deaths.

Co-ordinated multi-agency response

The Coroner directs all actions following a death where that death is unexpected. Procedures are in place for a co-ordinated response between agencies to an unexpected death. Where the doctor certifying death is able to give a natural cause of death, the death will still need to be reported to the FISCB.

Current Members

FISCB is currently made up of the following members

Chair – Mr David O’Neill, Director of Health and Social Services
Secretary – Mrs Dawn Proud, PA to Director of Health and Social Services

Members –
Mrs Mandy Heathman, Chief Nursing Officer, KEMH
Dr Rebecca Edwards, Chief Medical Officer, KEMH
Ms Jenny Cullen, Head of Social Services
Supt. Jeff McMahon, Chief of Police
Ms Nicola Robinson, Probation Officer
Mr Alex Mitham, Deputy Governor, Government House
MLA Stacy Bragger, MLA for Education
MLA Ian Hansen, MLA for Health & Social Services
Marie Horton, Director of Education
Ms Kareen Brand, SSAFA - MoD
Wg Cdr OC BSW – MoD
Sqn Ldr SMO – MoD
Simon Young – Attorney General
Pam Trevillion – Director of Emergency Services and Island Security